Indigo Elixirs’ new all-natural eye makeup

The Heat Is On

Ever since you saw Katniss Everdeen steaming up the screen with her dark eye makeup in Catching Fire, you’ve been all burning to use this look for your next night on the town. Sexy, sultry, dark—you’ll be attracting hotties like moths to a flame.

Unfortunately, where there’s a smoky eye there’s usually fire: Commercial eyeliners, shadows and mascaras are filled with chemicals, preservatives and petroleum-derived synthetics. That's why we’re praising Indigo Elixirs creator Deanna Rose for her new spark of genius: local, all-natural, handmade all-in-one eye makeup Midnight Eyes.

Draw it on like liquid liner, or use your fingers to apply to lashes and lids—and get ready to burn the midnight oil. Rose says the color can last for entire evenings out, and comes off with a tissue and oil-based cleanser.

There's no need to get hot and bothered about what’s in it, because Midnight Eyes is made from a scant four ingredients, including coconut shell charcoal. Your over-the-counter stuff can’t hold a torch to all the natural benefits: The organic, raw cacao butter, organic, virgin coconut oil and Oahu beeswax are moisturizing and nourishing for the skin and hair, making these products ideal for the delicate eye area. Plus, coconut oil is used to thicken hair and improve its growth—perfect for lashes.

Sexy and all-natural? Fire away.

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