Indah Know

Lei ChicPut down the mini M&M’s and back away slowly. Just. Say. No. to the bonbons and brownie bites.

Sure they'll give you an instant sugar rush, but they'll also have you rushing to the gym in no time.

Instead, indulge your cravings for tiny treats with the new collection of itty-bitty bikinis and deliciously candy-colored dresses from Indah.

Already well-established in Hawai‘i, local designer Libby de Santis’s line deserves a second look for her notable 2010 collections.

Lei ChicThe bikinis and one-pieces in the swim collection come in punchy popsicle colors and day dreamy prints of clouds, rainbows, butterflies and blooming orchids.

The spring clothing collection is full of flattering frocks, rompers, tunics and tops that drape perfectly in all the right places. Made from comfy, want-to-touch-me fabrics like soft cotton gauze, terrycloth and stretch silk, the free-flowing pieces are hand-painted by De Santis using real coconut palm fronds and all-natural, chemical-free dyes. And all come in creamy hues sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Both have just hit shelves at boutiques throughout the Islands. And the summer collection, coming out next month, promises to be just as tempting.

So go ahead, treat yourself.
It's just a little eye candy.

For a complete list of local retailers and to view the Indah Spring and Swim 2010 collections visit