In Her Bag: Artist Colleen Wilcox’s Everyday Carry

Beach ready? Check.

Spring has already made us forget winter ever happened. We’re back to lathering on sunscreen, spending our weekends on the beach and wearing our bikinis under our clothes 24/7 (you never know when you’ll have a chance to take a dip). That means our everyday carry has gone through a serious makeover. No more scarves and cold medicine in these purses! Packing smart and stylish is a real art form, which is why we turned to local artist Colleen Wilcox for inspiration.


This beach babe has got a real eye for aesthetics, from painting fantastical tropical scenes to packing her bag to be as chic as can be. In fact, mega-brand LeSportsac recently tasked Wilcox with gussying up a collection of its handy luggage and purses with her vibrant designs, which are perfect for Island life, from lounging on the sand to strutting through the Honolulu city streets. Check out what Wilcox won’t leave the house without, from eco-minded sunscreen to locally made baubles, and you’ll be tempted to start stocking up your own satchel.


We can picture that.



1. [kiele] bangle
“This is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. I just love the [ki•ele] style because it is so simple and elegant, so you can wear it for any occasion—casual day or art event. The pieces appear to be delicate but are so well-made that they hold up no matter how much wear and tear I put them through.” $68,


2. Seafoam Green clutch
“I picked up this clutch at one of the Art and Flea booths because I thought the colors were really cool and unique—and I love supporting local brands and designers. I like to have a smaller clutch/ purse inside my larger bag at all times to keep track of little items like lip gloss.” $65, find similar Seafoam Green clutches at Olive Boutique, 43 Kīhāpai St., Kailua.


3. ShiKai mist and go conditioner
“I am a fan of ShiKai products because they are natural and work really well—I use their lotion, shampoo and conditioner. I recently started using this leave-in conditioner spray to smooth my long hair, which gets tangled really easily, and to tame frizz on really humid days. It also seems to help refresh my hair and bring out some of the waves more.” $9.69,


4. Shade sunscreen
“I recently picked this sunscreen up because I had been hearing about it for some time on social media. I wanted to try something new that was natural and reef-friendly, stayed on while surfing and was tinted (instead of giving me a white face like so many others). I was pleased to discover that Shade protects me from getting burned, even after many hours in the water!” $28,


5. LeSportsac Colleen Wilcox totes
Check out Wilcox’s colorful LeSportsac collection at LeSportsac, Royal Hawaiian Center, 2250 Kalākaua Ave. Totes range from $96 to $120.


6. Maui Jim Palms sunglasses
“I used to buy cheap sunglasses because I always lost or broke them, until I discovered Maui Jims. These are beyond worth the price! I have had the same pair for years and I literally don't leave the house without them. They make everything outside look even more clear, bright and amazing … especially the ocean!” $229,


7. Kealopiko pareo
“I am obsessed with this brand. I love their simple yet unique design aesthetic and mission of producing products that spread Hawaiian culture. All the designs have meaning behind them. I love how thin and lightweight their pareos are—you can roll them up really small to take anywhere and use as a towel, or cover up at the beach.” $40,