In Great Shapes

Lei Chic1920s trends that should not return:

Over-tweezed eyebrows
Neck-to-ankle swimsuits with stockings and caps

Some styles should come roaring back, like art deco-inspired jewelry by Brandy Pham.

Former evening gown designer and Hawaii resident Pham made her name in East Coast bridal salons with her ultra-romantic ribbon, chain, and pearl pieces. Crushes developed into full-on love affairs with the debut of her new line of geometric necklaces.
Lei Chic
The sleek collection centers around an arrow shape in simple, striking styles that easily go from Sunday brunches to cocktails at the supper club. Toss on a double black-enamel arrow pendant over a tee and cloche hat, dress up the neckline of a dropped-waist dress with a trio of enamel triangles, or go silent- movie-star glamorous in a rhinestone-studded silver choker finished with bold brass links.

Pham is not yet offering her arrow designs on her website but a selection has just landed in its first Hawaii boutique.

So it’s speakeasy to find a look that fits you to a Model T. Lei Chic

Brandy Pham jewelry is available exclusively in Hawaii at LMS Boutique, 2909 Lowrey Ave. in Manoa. 808.988.4575.