Imi Jewelry launches holiday Confetti collection

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Lei Chic

As Pippa Middleton would say, confetti is absolutely essential when throwing a proper party.

Okay, we don't know if she'd actually say that. But really, the only downside to getting showered by tiny bits of fun is picking them off the floor the next morning.

Consider this the perfect solution.

Introducing Imi Jewelry's new holiday Confetti collection – earrings, rings, a bracelet and a necklace designed to add festive touches to any outfit.

Lei Chic Designer Lauren Yamashita takes sterling silver, gold-filled, or rose gold-filled pieces of wire and painstakingly twists them into intricate designs that either stand alone as rings and studs, or are attached to matching chains to create stunning statement necklaces.

The result: refined metallic versions of those shiny, celebratory flecks that will turn you into the life of the party, without all the mess.

So throw on a pair of dangling square earrings, stack on a few adorable mini rings and pop open a bottle of champagne.

We think Pippa would approve.

$25-$80, available now at Owens & Co., 1152 Nuuanu Ave., and The Butik, 1067 Kapiolani Blvd., Suite A-3, and coming soon to LMS Boutique, 2909 Lowrey Ave., Philanthropy by Madison and Co., 94-1235B Ka Uka Blvd., and Olive Boutique, 43 Kihapai St.