Ikea Shipping Company Haul2HI Expands

The Haul2HI showroom now has double the space for more displays and décor ideas.

Delicious meatballs.
The Swedish Chef Muppet.
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There are a lot of things we have to thank the Swedes for. For every strangely pickled, dill-flavored dish you can't stomach, there's a sweet-looking Audi or H&M sale. But topping the list of bounty that the Bjorns of the world have provided? Definitely Ikea.

It used to be that Hawaiʻi residents were out of luck if they wanted Ikea's hip and, best of all, affordable furniture. Spare us the Saab story—now, you can have it delivered to you by personal shopping and shipping service Haul2HI. Owner Jane Murao works with a mainland Ikea store to sell and ship products to eager Hawaiʻi buyers, who aren't serviced by the Swedish company's online presence.

Last week, Murao doubled the showroom space in her Kalihi location (where she's been since February) to span two floors, featuring an entire mini-home's worth of Ikea looks, from bedroom to kitchen to dining room. Murao doesn't sell items at the showroom, but buyers can get ideas from the displays for their orders, as Murao will ship anything in the Ikea catalog. The cost of shipping can be steep—typically 40 to 70 percent of the cost of an item—but when you're dealing with low Ikea prices, getting that modern, covetable Scandinavian style is totally worth it.

Talking about bright Ikeas: To celebrate its new Nordic digs, Haul2HI will give away a one-room makeover. Visit haul2hi.com for more information on the giveaway, and stop by the Haul2HI showroom to (Swedish) fish for ideas for your own pad.

Just get ready for some serious stock-up syndrome.

1216 Kaumualii St., #B, 462-9544. Shipping costs vary by cubic foot for packaging dimensions and weight. Visit the haul2hi.com for more information.