Hustle Aunt Flo

You’re tearing up at romantic movie trailers again. Your face looks like a minefield. And you’re on your monthly Perpetual Munching Spree.

Yes, Aunt Flo is here and she’s, well, cramping your style.

Lucky for you, Kane‘ohe acupuncturist Fang Cai can poke and prod away your pain using a Japanese take on the old-school Chinese practice.

The Kiiko Matsumoto style combines Japanese acupuncture methods with western medicine. Cai’s the only practitioner of this style of acupuncture on Oahu, and she’s so good, other acupuncturists go to her for treatments and training.

Better still, she specializes in all things female – from fertility to PMS to endometriosis. Her method relies on palpation, which means she figures out what ails you by pressing parts of the body with her hands. And where her hands do the walking, the pins do the talking. Cai says patients can feel relief from menstrual cramps and other women’s curses by the time they leave her office. Now that’s some instant gratification.

So you can stop saying Pardon My Sobbing all week.

Oriental Health Solutions, 46-001 Kamehameha Highway, Suite 321, Kane‘ohe, 808.225.1539,