HuMn wallets land in Honolulu

Bright on the Money

Lei Chic

Your 2013 New Year's Resolutions include:

#1: Get organized.
#2: Tackle your overstuffed behemoth of a wallet/purse.
#3: Battle ID theft.

Okay, that last one might not actually be on your list, but go with it. Because we found something to help you conquer all three at the same time…

Meet the HuMn wallet: two metallic plates held together by a durable elastic strap. Just tuck your credit cards between the plates, stick some cash on one side, a few business cards on the other, and off you go.


Lei Chic

HuMn is a play on the founders' last names while the logo is inspired by the periodic table.


Don't worry about your essentials falling out – the strap keeps everything in place. Plus, the plates are made out of either RFID scan-proof anodized aluminum or carbon fiber depending on the style, which is basically a fancy way to say no one will be skimming your personal information. Ever.

It sounds like a device you'd uncover in the Batcave or Stark Industries, but HuMn is actually the brainchild of Portland residents Scott Hussa and Ken Minn (who has Hawaii ties – he attended Washington Intermediate and returns every year to visit family and friends).

Before international trips, they found themselves emptying out sloppy, bulging wallets and wrapping an elastic band around cash and credit cards. So, they came up with a streamlined, interchangeable "transformer" wallet, raised nearly $300,000 on Kickstarter and boom. The HuMn wallet was born.

Functionality aside, there's also a very high cuteness factor. The sleek wallet comes in a slew of candy colors, along with black, grey and white, so it adds a fun pop to your purse or pocket.

Which, coincidentally, addresses Resolution #1: Always look amazing.

$95, available at Honolulu Museum of Art Shop, 900 S. Beretania St., (808) 532-8703. Note: No admission fee required to visit the shop. For more information on HuMn, click here.