Hula Polish’s Tropical Nail Lacquers Have the Bright Idea

We can totally see ourselves lounging beachside in these shades.


The East Coast storm is finally winding down, but now there’s something blowin’ in the wind for us Islanders that you’ll want to be on the lookout for. Don’t worry, the forecast is far from gray and cloudy: We’re projecting something way brighter. Think sunny yellows, vivid corals and pops of blue—on your nails, that is.


It’s all thanks to Hula Polish, the Maui-based nail lacquer brand that’s going to be your pointers’ newest fair-weather friend. Designer Cate Lincoln, who hails from the landlocked Midwest, is barely a year into her mini business and, so far, it’s looking like clear skies ahead. In fact, Lincoln started her enamel-loving ways by mixing pigments with clear polish to create custom shades that matched her tropical tastes and equatorial aesthetics. Now, her Hula Polish line is manufactured professionally in California, resulting in a creamy formula free of questionable chemicals that most commercial polishes are packed with.


Her collection includes five luscious, tropical-inspired shades: a bubblegum pink called Coconut Cutie, dusty lavender called Hula Hooper, soft seafoam green that goes by Maui Mermaid, punchy coral named Hibiscus Honey and rich golden yellow aptly titled Pineapple Princess. Notice a trend? This prairie-girl-turned-mermaid dove headfirst into Island life, and these hues are an ode to her adopted home, a way for her to send and share little bottles of aloha to places all across the globe, rain or shine.

Sounds like a cute front’s brewing on the horizon. Whatever the weather.


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