How Did You Spend National Puppy Day? We Played With Uber Cute Puppies!

A ruff day goes away as soon as puppies arrive.
Uber Puppy.
Mahina gets some attention. 
Photo: Brittney Nitta-Lee


Hey guys, paws what you are doing. It’s National Puppy Day. Get ready for some cuteness overload, because here at HONOLULU Magazine we celebrated with—what else—puppies! 




When we discovered Uber would be delivering a cute puppy squad for just $30, we immediately pounced on it. Snuggling with playful pups for 15 minutes? Pawesome!  


Editor Robbie dingeman Holds Mahina.
Photo: Gary Saito 


All the dog lovers in our office got super excited. Even our parent company’s president and chief operating officer Susan Eichor, a major dog lover, was on board with the idea. She blocked off a conference room all day for our staff to spend time with puppies.


The group Greets maluhea and mahina. 


Twenty-four people from our company showed up to greet 4-month-old Dachshund sisters, Maluhea and Mahina. The two mellow puppies visited five other places from Kāhala to Kalihi before arriving in downtown Honolulu at the HONOLULU Magazine office. Four other puppies were visiting other places around town. 


Mahina Sports a Star Wars T-Shirt, ”The Force is Strong With This one.”
Photo: Gary Saito


Food and dining editor Catherine Toth Fox was excited to hang out with these puppies, even as the mother of three dogs Opae, Sunny and Indy. “If every workplace had a resident dog, I think people would be happier, but less productive,” Toth Fox says. 


Art director Kelsey Ige with mahina and Associate editor Katrina valcourt with maluhea. 
PhotoS: Gary Saito, Brittney Nitta-Lee 


Associate editor Katrina Valcourt was excited to spend time with Maluhea. “It was the best early birthday present ever,” Valcourt says. We stayed pawsitive even after we spent more than two hours on the Uber app trying to request snuggle time with the puppies. Art director Kelsey Ige, who alerted the team about the Uber puppies on demand, was thrilled when the time finally came. “I feel like it was worth it,” Ige says.


Executive editor michael keany with mahina.
Photo: Gary Saito 


The #UberPuppies promotion only lasted from 11 a.m.–3 p.m. on Wednesday, March 23. Maluhea and Mahina are just two of six playful pups from the nonprofit animal shelter O‘ahu SPCA looking for forever homes. If you want to welcome these puppies into your home, you can celebrate National Puppy Day every day.