House Calls

www.leichic.comYou've lost plenty besides your inhibitions at parties. Shoes, a purse, your favorite cardi-wrap. And let's not even talk about where those undies went. 

Wouldn't you love to leave a party with something to show for your good time  − that isn't a hangover?

That's the idea behind Roaming Runway, a new mobile boutique that helps you throw a fashion social for your friends. You invite the peeps, they bring racks of cool threads from lots of local lines like Martinique, HuluWuwu, and MachineMachine, plus hard-to find national lines like Collective Concepts, Frenzii, and Pixie Dust.

Owners Collette Kama and Nicole Hirota are local girls from the North Shore who knew firsthand the hassle of driving all over the island in search of cool, no-one-else-has-that wardrobe items. They just launched their shopping party service in August, and they'll bring their whole store − dresses, tops, skirts, pants and all accessories −  anywhere you want. 

You all get to try on what you like, buy what you want, and the host gets to keep merchandise worth 10 percent of the total sales.

So you can throw a fab girls night out, score a few free items, and save errand time.
Go on, you’ve got nothing to lose. 

Roaming Runway, 808.351.4405. If you can't get your girls to sync up their calendars for a party and you want to shop anyway, Roaming Runway also has a showroom in Wahiawa that’s open by appointment.