Hound & Quail’s New Boutique is Quirkier Than Ever

Get a first look at the fresh setup and all the new goodies. #thatoldnew

Hound & Quail

For a compulsive nester like me, dressing and redressing my digs is a slippery slope. It starts off with just a little jshooshing here. That leads to a little reorganizing there. Eventually, it spirals into a whole lot of, oh what hell, let’s just redo this room completely.


The same goes for the fellows at Hound & Quail, Mark Pei and Travis Flazer, who took the concept one step further with an actual change of address, moving their curiosities shop to a cozy new spot on Nu‘uanu Avenue this month, smack in the middle of Chinatown’s buzzy boutique swath. “Now we’re just a stone’s throw from friends like Roberta Oaks, Owens & Co. and Barrio Vintage,” says Pei.


Hound & Quail


Though half the size of their Maunakea Street digs, Pei views the reduced footprint as an opportunity for ingenuity. “Less space means you’ve gotta get more creative,” he says. Case in point, the shop’s circa 1800s exposed-brick feature wall. To utilize it without incurring any damage, Flazer dressed the wall with a mock wood fireplace that he built himself, showcasing both the gorgeous facade and the shop’s wares.


You’ll find all the signature creature comforts H&Q is known for. The latest vintage oddities include European leather briefcases, dried butterflies, dental molds and medical tools, even an 1800s brass rifle case. “Travis just mounted a 5-foot marlin,” says Pei.


Hound & Quail


Plus, an expanded array of nonantique stock, including home accessories, such as candles, soaps and jars of Big Island honey, and the most recent additions, jewelry and stationery. Think beetle pendant necklaces and greeting cards topped with moon anatomically correct heart designs, all in the same quirky-cool vein.


1156 Nu‘uanu Ave., (808) 788-8436.


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