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Pueo Pockets' HI Summer Collection hats

We totally want to steal Pharrell’s style. Snappy suits and too-cool tees? Yes, please. Er, unless we’re talking hats, cause that frumpy monstrosity of a fedora is positively despicable. It’s time to think outside the blurred lines for your signature headgear.

Well, we say “hats off” to Pueo Pockets for that. Designer Kamele Eskaran works a full-time media job by day, only to let her hair down in the off hours with her line of caps embellished with stylish patches. She paints each patch herself using acrylics, then sews them on by hand. 

Currently, Eskaran is in the midst of releasing her new HI Summer Collection. It is stocked with new designs inspired by Hawaii colors, tastes and textures and features those iconic island images that put our summers a-hat of the rest. Think the amber stripes of the humuhumunukunukuapuaa, or the complex tiling on a pineapple. Eskaran will be releasing more designs (look out for aquatic themes!) throughout the summer, so keep you heads up for news by checking Instagram.

Go ahead and ditch that dumpy topper. Your noggin will thank you.

In fact, it will be downright hat-py.

Available in the Pueo Pockets Etsy shop.