Honolulu ranks ninth for most attractive people

Travel + Leisure magazine has compiled the results from its annual America’s Favorite Cities survey in its November issue, with some surprising results. I was shocked to find Honolulu ranked 15th overall—not even in the top 10!—and didn’t garner favorable results for food.

It seemed natural that our fair city ranked ninth for having the most attractive people, although I would have expected a better showing. Miami was named the No. 1 city for attractive people.

"I’m surprised we didn’t rank higher,” says realtor Rick Nakama of East Oahu Realty. “Our cosmopolitan looks and style are distinctive elements for Hawaii living.”

In the article, Katrina Brown Hunt says that Connecticut realtor Liz Eckert even claimed that traveling to a destination with good-looking people made her look better, as well. Could the environment play a key role in making you good looking? Maybe that’s why people are so desperate to live here.

“I’ve lived all over the world and have never seen more beautiful people than in Hawaii,” says Christa Wittmier, senior marketing director at Youngs Market Co. “Italy stood out, but the people here are beautiful on both the inside and out. The kindness and welcoming attitude of just about everyone really shines here. It’s why I had a hard time leaving, and have no plans to, ever.”

Readers determined attractiveness on various points, including physical looks, charming accent, and friendliness, but solid fashion sense played a big factor in the survey.

"Hawaii has a great mix of old and new mixed with local and international flare when it comes to its fashion sense,” agrees local wardrobe stylist Tyson Joines. “As a top traveling destination, Hawaii's fashion scene is always evolving, with the constant flow of visitors and talented local designers."

Attractiveness was just one of various components determined by T+L readers that make a city a favorable destination. To see the entire rundown of category rankings for Honolulu, including what visitors think versus what residents think, click here.