Honolulu on 70 Dollars a day?

Can a single adult get by in Honolulu on an annual income of $25,605.24?

The Hawaii state Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism says yes, if barely, in a report it has just released titled Self-Sufficiency Income Standard Estimates for Hawaii 2007.

DBEDT tried to determine the minimum “amount of money that individuals and families require to meet their basic needs without government and/or other subsidies.”  The report is quite frank about the high cost of living in Hawaii, but I think it still manages to understate that cost.

For example, in quantifying a minimum independent standard of living, the DBEDT report assumes that a single, working adult, with no children, will live in a one-bedroom rental. “Housing cost refers to the rental cost (shelter rent plus utilities) for a privately owned, decent, structurally safe, and sanitary rental housing unit of a modest nature with suitable amenities.”

Here’s the thing: DBEDT bases its rent estimate on the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s fair market rents (FMRs). According to HUD, you can rent a one-bedroom unit on Oahu, including utilities, for $1,058.

Really? Granted, a quick Craigslist search turned up some Oahu units at this price, including this promising unit. Bonus, it’s a two-bedroom! But, is it decent? You be the judge:

“$1050 / 2br – Ghetto unit on Ohai, Wahiawa 2 br (wahiawa)”


The problem is the area. Ohai area is known for DRUG ACTIVITY and gangs roaming the streets. Parking is very limited. It is a HIGH CRIME AREA. Many people are unaware of the situation and move in and sign a lease and get STUCK in the area. I just wanted to let potential tenants know that it is NOT a very safe area at nights. Burgularys and vandalism happens a lot. Children running around and playing on the streets.

Drugs are being sold in the other buildings near by. Not this one.

Lots of gang activity, but its not as bad as before. The new owners are trying to clean up the area. If you get an appointment to view, tell them you want to go in the evening. Thats the best time to check out the area. You’ll notice a lot of traffic and people running around. Also, the kids will be out of school and roaming the neighborhood and standing on the corners of the street.

If you are still interested in a HIGH CRIME AREA, then e-mail me and I will gladly work out the details with you. Showings during day light hours only. Not safe at night. It was once refered as "drug alley". Dog the bounty hunter said on television that this area is one of the most dangerous areas on the island of Oahu.

e-mail for details 2 bedrrom 1 parking 1050 a month and deposit is the same. One year lease. If you get burgularize within the first 3 months of moving in, I am willing to cancel the rental contract with you. Unit is in fair condition. Good working stove , air conditioner and refrigerator. I’ll even throw a baseball bat for free. Deposit is 1050. Application fee of $25 will be charged .

Do a goggle search for crime that has occured in the area. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that it does happen often.

Mahalo for checking my ad. I am an honest agent and will not trick you into signing a contract and fully disclosing the FACTS. Don’t be fooled by other property managers.