Honolulu is the Worst Place to be During a Zombie Apocalypse

We’re ranked the most appetizing city for the walking dead–Here’s why.
ILLUSTRATION: Courtesy Trulia

AMC’s The Walking Dead had us believing Atlanta was the worst place to be during a zombie apocalypse, but according to Trulia, Honolulu is the true zombie paradise. To evaluate the 25 most appetizing cities their real estate experts used the following criteria: highest walk score, lowest density in hardware stores, highest density in hospitals and most congestion. 


Apparently, Honolulu’s high walk score makes it easier for “the walkers” to get around. And, our lack of hardware stores makes it harder for us to find weapons, our hospitals give zombies easy access to defenseless food, and our traffic problem makes it hard for us to run away. Imagine this: the H-1 at pau hana time during a zombie apocalypse.


And we always thought we’d do well, living on one of the most remote islands in the world. Or maybe that’s the problem–there’s nowhere to run. Once again, it’s location, location, location.


What’s plan Z if the zombies actually do descend upon us? Find out here, in a story published in last year’s Halloween issue.