HONOLULU Fashion Week Designer Spotlight: Aloha Sunday’s New Fall 2014 Collection

The collection is a class act, filled with timeless silhouettes and autumn shades.


Settle down, class. We’re going to start a little early today. It may be the first day of school, but we have a very important lesson to cover. (You’ll want to take note of this, by the way—it will all be on the test.) It’s time to learn your letters:

A is for Aloha Sunday, where heads of the class Kahana Kalama and Julie DeAnda have crafted a clothing curriculum inspired by autumn’s dramatic shades: oxblood red, honey, auburn and hunter green.

B is for basics, the starting point for this study in stylish. Kalama and DeAnda drew from old-school fixtures such as blazers and barn coats that never go out of fashion.

C is for contemporary. Think slim tailoring and details such as double-faced and durable textiles to make these classic fall fashions feel both timeless and fresh.

D is for diversity. Versatile pieces can be layered on for chilly trips abroad or stripped down for warm weather, so no matter where you go, you can live and learn in style.

E is for effortlessness, which this collection is all about. Think rustic and no fuss, an outfit for an adventure. Which brings us to …

F is for functionality. Many of the designs were inspired by workwear pieces such as Macintosh coats and flack jackets, making them both usefulness and good-looking. Talk about super smart.

Oh! There’s the bell. Put your thinking caps on, students (as long as they’re cute).

Classy is now officially in session.

Now available at Oliver Men's Shop, 49 Kihapai St., 261-6587. Shop exclusive pieces from Aloha Sunday at our HONOLULU Fashion Week pop-up boutique.