HONOLULU editors take on Tokyo Fashion Week (Part 1)

Tokyo Drifters: Part 1

Matohu at Tokyo Fashion Week
Matohu photos courtesy: Brie Thalmann (left and right), Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (middle).

Wow. Tokyo Fashion Week is speeding by faster than a bullet train. As we revealed yesterday, HONOLULU fashion editors Brie Thalmann and Stacey Makiya are in Japan's fashion trenches, infiltrating shows and capturing fall's hottest trends. With all that stylish wear-fare, spotty Internet connections, and a 19-hour time difference, reports to HQ are slowly trickling in. Below, their initial assessments of two vastly different runway shows.

Brie on Matohu: "This show offered a romantic take on fall with minimal silhouettes and heavier, textured fabrics. The color palette included jewel tones and tons of violet, which showed up on trench coats, knee-high boots and stewardess-sequence hats. The ambiance reflected a quiet elegance enhanced by a fog-like mist that enveloped the entire length of the runway and the show's soundtrack, a mixture of string instruments and ambient electronic sounds."

Gut's Dynamite Caberets at Tokyo Fashion Week
Gut's Dynamite Caberets photos courtesy: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Stacey on Gut's Dynamite Caberets: "This was by far the most original, outlandish show we've seen. The collection came at you from every angle and nothing was left to the imagination. Each piece rocked modern, exaggerated embellishments: gold foil bomber jackets with furs, jewel-toned sequined jackets adorned with bright pom poms, Chanel-inspired suits complete with full body (and face!) fox pelts and furs.

"The guys' ensembles were, for the most part, a bit cheesy; long fur coats paired with skinny jeans and wide-brimmed hats seemed a bit overplayed and uninspired. Outerwear was a different story. Coats with florals and hardware accents were nicely tailored and more eye-catching than the rest of the looks. Overall, though the clothes were not as polished as some of the others we've seen, the show was hands down the most packed and energetic of the bunch."

Watch Stacey's iPhone video above to see Gut's Dynamite Caberets' wild ending and stay tuned for more Tokyo Fashion Week diaries on Lei Chic!