Honolulu Beerworks: opening a brewery, part three

Photos by Timothy Golden

[This is the third installment in a series, following Honolulu Beerworks as it opens Oahu's only brewpub and outdoor beer garden.]

Shiny, brand new stainless steel tanks for brewing beer: a welcome sight for Honolulu Beerworks. But it took a couple months to get to this point.

Above is the 3200-square-foot space, after owner Geoff Seideman cleared out 25 tons of junk.

Seideman, who has construction experience, dug the trenches for the plumbing himself. 

This 800-square-foot alleyway by the warehouse will be transformed into a beer garden.

Next update: will Honolulu Beerworks hit its end-of-November target opening date?

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