Honolulu Among Top 10 Most Expensive Cities for Renters in August 2017

The average one-bedroom apartment rental hits a high of $1,766.
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Abodo, a company that tracks housing-related data, recently released prices for rentals in major cities across the country. The national median price for a one-bedroom rental is $1,013. In Honolulu, it’s nearly 75 percent higher, at $1,766. For a two-bedroom rental, the median price is $2,244 in our city.


What’s worse? The climb has been steady. In July, the median price for a one-bedroom rental increased by 8 percent; in August, we’re up nearly 7 percent more. Our city jumped into the Top 10 list for cities with the highest rents, overtaking Seattle.

  Top 10 Highest Rents

Image: Adobo 


What the story doesn’t include is just how competitive it can be to secure a good rental. When something cute, affordable, and not directly fronting H-1 comes on the market, renters in Honolulu need to move with lightning speed and show that they’ll be reliable, good tenants.


Craigslist isn’t the only rental outlet in town. Rentals managed by realtors are regularly listed on the MLS, so look to a realtor for help, too. There are currently 199 one-bedroom rentals on the MLS in Honolulu. But, while you might find less competition there, the prices are even higher, with a median price of $2,200.


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