Home for the holidays

Believe it or not, there will be open houses this Sunday, December 25. On one hand, there are many people who don't celebrate Christmas; on the other, this also shows that people who need to buy or sell a home are pretty focused.

If you're still shopping for a gift and your list includes one of these real-estate-minded people, you may consider some of these items from Cathy's Marketplace to brighten their holidays … and their homes. A couple of these are actually on some wish lists; others are suggestions for staging (selling), or housewarming (buying).

Festive bowls. "These are big sellers this season because they're so versatile," says Cathy Lee of Cathy's Marketplace. "You can bring them as a hostess gift to parties, give as housewarming gifts or use in staging. Here we've filled them with holiday decorations to give the home a festive touch; you can fill them with other things, like fruits, to reflect the bounty of the seasons." Small bowl, $50; large bowl, $65.

Framed mirrors. We found many uniquely framed mirrors in different sizes in the store-beyond their use as nice wall hangings, these are good for staging in a home to help a room look bigger, or for those who are into the positive feng shui they can bring. This particular mirror is framed with driftwood from the North Shore, handmade by a local artist. $199.

Storage pieces. For staging purposes, artfully designed storage pieces help to hide your mess and can double as coffee tables, as this carved wooden trunk does. This is a wish list item at $475, due in large part to its exquisite hibiscus carving.

Anything koa. Here in Hawaii, any koa accent lends an air of prestige to a home. A koa frame, bowl, tray, or box is a great gift that can be displayed at open house. If you give presents in grand fashion, this koa bench is a dream housewarming gift at $4,999.

Wall hangings. These tend to be a matter of taste, but Courtney Tessitore of Cathy's Marketplace says rubbings of Thai pieces have been popular this season. This one is $75, but they have various sizes and designs.

Hope this helps alleviate some holiday shopping stress!