Holoholo Bicycles offers bike rentals in Chinatown

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Holoholo Bicycles

Quick, what has 60 wheels and likes to roam the streets of Honolulu?

If you said a team of rollerblading dogs, well… you'd be wrong (but, kudos for creativity). The real answer: Holoholo Bicycles, a new bike rental shop that officially opened today in Chinatown.

You might remember the space as Lotus Downtown bar on Hotel St. That's gone now. Manifest owner Brandon Reid has taken over, and, with the help of his wife, Nicole, and business partner, Adam Showers, filled it with 30 brand-new Allant Trek bicycles just begging to be taken for a joyride around town.

The process is simple. Just walk in, flash your Hawaii ID, pay a $35 all-day rental fee, grab a bike and go. Each one comes with a lock, removable basket and helmet, perfect for the occasional pit stop, errand and – perish the thought – fall. If you don't already have a route mapped out, they'll be more than happy to suggest one for you, along with hidden neighborhood gems to explore along the way – think small mom-and-pop shops, eateries and sights. (Seriously, no one knows the area better than they do.)

Coming soon, they'll also offer pre-packed baskets filled with bottled water and grab-and-go snacks made fresh in Manifest's new back kitchen.

No cocktails, though. It's never a good idea to drink and ride.

Holoholo Bicycles is open daily from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. at 34 N. Hotel St. Kamaaina discount: $35 per day. Regular rates: $35 for two hours, $55 for three hours, and $75 all day. For more information, email ride@holoholobicycles.com or call (808) 221-3899. Top photo courtesy: Holoholo Bicycles.

Holoholo Bicycles