Hit the Sack


You’re not psychic, but something tells you one day there’ll be no more plastic grocery bags — that prospect has already come true in San Francisco, and Maui and Honolulu county councils are considering a similar bag ban.

But whenever you envision carrying those bulky reusable supermarket-brand bags, the picture you see is the opposite of pretty.

That’s why the Envirosax team bypassed boring and unfashionable and created stylish reusable bags that help you be a fashion and environmental trendsetter all at once.

Incredibly lightweight, washable, and strong enough to hold the www.leichic.comweight of two supermarket bags, Envirosax also fold up easily  into  the size of a musubi—perfect for carrying in your purse.

Most important, they come in stylish colors and designs, like bright florals, retro graphics, black and white patterns, and a new all-organic series made of soft hemp, silk bamboo, and linen—get one of each or a handy pouch of five.

Next time you use Envirosax to carry your groceries or even just take-out food, people who never before thought of using an eco-friendly bag will be asking you where to get them.

Maybe you really can predict the future—of shopping.

Available on O‘ahu: Red Pineapple in Ward Centre and Morning Brew, 600 Kailua Road, Kailua. On the Big Island: Modern Hale, 74-5533 Luhia Street in Kona. On Kauai: Lovingly Palm Palm, 484 Kuhio Hwy. #F-33, in Kapaa. Also online at usa.envirosax.com