Hide and Peeq

Lei ChicGood morning Ms. Lei.

There is a severe threat to a valuable member of the Financial family – Budget. In the past few weeks, Budget has been seen running around with big name designers, dining in expensive restaurants, and dropping hundreds of dollars in various well-known décor houses. We fear this destructive behavior will mean Budget may be completely depleted in just days.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to protect Budget without blocking buying – this could put her style at risk. To assist you is Agent Sneakpeeq.He has been on the job less than a year but has already helped more than 100,000 shoppers keep their habits, and spending, on the down low.

Here’s how Sneakpeeq operates – members of the free secret society are given access to dozens of chic accessories and clothing, quirky home products, and gourmet foods by little-known, small independent businesses. If you choose to accept any of the daily changing deals, click on the hidden price to “peeq” at discounts that range between 10 and 70 percent. Every peeq, share through facebook or twitter, or buy earns rewards such as bigger discounts, credit, or free shipping and handling on the next purchase.

Recent transactions netted us delightfully boozy brownies from an L.A. bakery and a cool subway map embossed cuff out of Philadelphia. Because most items tend to be around or below $50, Budget will not self-destruct in five seconds.

So you can easily share the stealth.

That’s a Mission Possible.

Sign up is free on Sneakpeeq’s website.