Hidden (really hidden) in Manoa

The fact sheet for this Manoa listing says “there’s lots of options for privacy,” and they aren’t kidding. It’s a neat house—older on the outside and modern on the inside—but it’s the quirky features that give it character.

It was originally a single-story home when it was built in 1946, and over time the owners added a second level with (what looks like) various extensions. It was remodeled in 2002, so the interior looks quite new. (Click here for details.)

The master bedroom takes up the entire top floor and features a large walk-in closet. Interestingly enough, there’s a second door on the other side of the closet that connects to a totally separate bedroom with its own full bathroom and separate entrance. You could keep the closet door open if you had family staying with you and wanted them to have access to the rest of the house, or keep the door closed for privacy. It’s kind of like those adjoining hotel rooms, except you’re connected through the closet.

Another cute element is the tunnel-like hallway that connects one of the bedrooms to a playroom. We’re not sure why it was built this way, but the owner’s son enjoyed having a “secret tunnel” that led to his own Harry Potter-like room.

There are a total of five bedrooms and three bathrooms in this 2,588-square-foot house. The lot is 7,446 square feet, so the enclosed back yard features a gazebo and a large deck. There’s no garage, but the area in front is paved to provide a large parking area.

It’s definitely one to explore; almost 100 groups have already come through the home to look at it, but no one has made an offer yet.

Money talk: $939,000 fee simple
Contact: Megan Sunahara Tune, Prudential Locations, 808-392-2323, megan.tune@pruhawaii.com