Hey Baby, What's Your Sign?


Now that you're a mom, you've got a whole arsenal of super powers. Your kisses heal. You have eyes in the back of your head. And your super-sonic hearing can sense sobbing four rooms away.

But you still can't read minds – or translate your toddler's impatient goo-goo's, and it's driving you ga-ga.

So open the lines of communication by enrolling in Signing Smart classes. Designed to teach infants and toddlers American Sign Language basics in a fun, play-based format, the classes can also speed spoken lanuguage development.

Learning basic sign language is easy and realistic for parents – the Signing Smart program doesn't require you to sign all day long over every word. Instructor Lisa Kreitzer, a mother of two herself, will teach you the most strategic times to sign, making it ideal for even the busiest families.

Babies ages 6 months to 2 years can take the eight-week beginner session. Each week covers a different topic, such as food, toys, sports and safety, and teaches children how to say "more," "please (pictured)," "bed" and other words and expressions.

And your kiddo will have a blast – with games, songs, circle time, bubbles, and group activities, she'll hardly realize she's getting an education.

Look who's talking now.

Summer sessions begin Sunday, June 7 at The Growing Nest in Ward Warehouse, and on Tuesday, June 9 at My Gym Hawaii in Kailua. To register, call 808.366.6380 or visit www.babyolelo.com