Heart of Honolulu: Ramp Remedy for Ducklings, a Holler From a Shopper and the Giving Pantry

Each week HONOLULU Magazine readers and staff show aloha for small acts of kindness.

Mahalo Mondays is a chance to say “tanks eh” to an individual who showed kindness, generosity and compassion in this challenging time. Tell us about a small act of goodness that you encountered or heard about so that we can share and inspire the aloha. Email us at staceym@honolulumagazine.com or tag us @honolulumag on Instagram or Facebook.


ducks in honolulu
Photo: Marisa Heung


“In case you haven’t noticed, ducks have been taking over the state Capitol. A month ago there were only about four, but since COVID-19 has turned the area into a ghost town, more and more have flocked in (possibly attracted to the questionable-looking fuzzy green moss taking over the surrounding water feature). A couple of weeks ago, during my regular morning stroll around the Cap I noticed someone put up ramps to help the ducks (and their new ducklings!) get in and out of the water. I don’t know who you are, kind stranger, but thanks for being awesome.”

Marisa Heung, HONOLULU Magazine special projects editor


“I was in Foodland ‘Āina Haina and a customer going through the checkout yelled pretty loudly to his cashier and the managers up front, ‘Grocery stores are the fu***** best! Thank you so much for what you’re doing for all of us.’ Everyone around him including the employees burst out laughing. It was a compliment they weren’t expecting and it brightened everyone’s mood in the store. The employees shared with me that this customer is a regular and often pays for the groceries for the person behind him in line. These small gestures of kindness have ripple effects on others and I was touched by this customer’s authentic appreciation.”

—Ashley Johnson, Kaimukī


“Mahalo to everyone who has supported our small business during this time, through sharing our posts, reaching out to check in, shopping our web shop. It has brought us so much hope—we are so thankful for all of you! I also would like to say thank you to The Source Yoga. They’re dedicating so much of their time and positive energy to free online classes. They are two of the most caring, heartfelt people; their kindness and good vibes have been the best!”

—Lauren Roth, Kailua


Photo: Rumi Robertson


“I belong to the Buy Nothing O‘ahu Facebook group. Recently a Kāneʻohe neighbor posted this: Gifting, if you are in the Kāneʻohe area and in need of food, stop by the neighborhood pantry. It is well stocked with canned goods, rice and cereal. There are also free face masks and books. No need to message. Just stop by and help yourself.” When I messaged the neighbor, Diane McElroy, to see if it was OK to share with Mahalo Mondays, she replied: ‘Thank you. That would be fine. Not sure I want the spotlight personally but would love to inspire people to do the same in their neighborhood.’ So much aloha!!”

—Rumi Robertson, Kāneʻohe 


face mask
Photo: Katrina Valcourt


“Thank you to my silly neighbors who debuted a new topiary last week: a massive animal wearing a face mask. I’m always changing up my walks to explore new streets and was getting frustrated on a particularly busy block (I really got in my steps that day by constantly crossing the road to avoid other walkers, joggers and kids on bikes) and this brought a huge smile to my face. Everyone knows that getting outside is good for your health—and so is laughter. So mahalo for keeping me healthy!”

Katrina Valcourt, HONOLULU Magazine managing editor