Hawai‘i’s First Locally Crafted Tiny Home Moves to Olomana

Tiny houses, Hawai‘i style.
Tiny Home
Photos: Courtesy of Lyric Woodworking


Ever watched Tiny Homes and wondered, could I do that?  The show’s devoted downsizers sell off all the stuff they’ve accumulated over the years, design their own custom tiny home, and make the leap to living small.


Recently, Lyric Woodworking, founded by Pūpūkea resident Joshua Bowles, a sixth-generation craftsman, built this custom tiny home, now placed at its new home in Olomana.

  Tiny home


Lyric’s custom homes are efficient but luxurious, built of locally sourced woods including ‘ōhi‘a and monkeypod, and open up to lānai for an indoor/outdoor living mix. They’re made for off-the-grid life, with composting toilets and the ability to be 100-percent solar-powered.


Bowles says that the approximately 225-square-foot spaces are specifically designed for Hawai‘i’s climate and outdoor lifestyle, and appeal to those tired of paying high rent in Hawai‘i. And, because the homes are technically mobile, if you buy one, you only have to register it with the City Department of Motor Vehicles, once you get the OK to park it somewhere.