Hawaiian Moonshine


When you see Hawaiian Moonshine on the shelf, you will buy it. The liquor comes in a beautifully designed flip-top jug that exudes cool. The Hawaiian Moonshine name in vintage font on the front catches your attention, the bold 100 proof declaration whets your appetite, and the word “okolehao”—Hawaii’s original spirit—seals the deal. Island Distillers nailed the marketing of their beverage.

Unfortunately, you eventually have to drink the stuff.

Hawaiian Moonshine admittedly has a pleasant floral flavor when it hits your palate, but the sensation is quickly erased by an intense cloying sweetness, an abundance of alcohol and a bizarre aftertaste that hangs in your mouth like you’re sucking on a flowery band-aid.

When I asked Island Distillers’ owner Dave Flintstone the one thing he wanted people to know about Hawaiian Moonshine, he said “You've got to try it! It is unlike any other spirit.” I share Flintstone’s sentiments. You should try Hawaiian Moonshine. Island Distillers deserves our support for establishing Oahu’s only distillery and should be commended for attempting to revive an almost forgotten spirit of the islands. Hawaiian Moonshine is absolutely unlike any other spirit and the beverage boasts a unique flavor and brilliant branding.

Unfortunately, even after six attempts, I’m left wondering whether okolehao was almost forgotten for a reason.

Suggested retail price of $32.99, available at Tamura's.