Hawai‘i Walls 2023: Our Favorite Murals

Scoping out the World Wide Walls festival in Kalihi and Kapālama, we found eight murals that put stars in our eyes.


The work of World Wide Walls (formerly Pow! Wow! Hawai‘i) is well-known in Honolulu and particularly associated with Kaka‘ako, where the annual mural arts festival previously took place. But this year, the festival returned with the name Hawai‘i Walls for the first time since 2019 to paint over the Kalihi–Kapālama community. More than 70 new murals have emerged across 10 locations.


We checked out the walkable clusters of murals at Dillingham Plaza and Pālama Settlement, our first stops on an exploration into the large-scale art exhibition of Hawai‘i Walls. Here are eight of our favorite pieces.


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[Ø]mniscient & Mo‘o by Lauren Ys and Hiero Veiga in Hawaii Walls 2023

Photos: Andrea Lee


[Ø]mniscient & Mo‘o

By Lauren YS and Hiero Veiga at Dillingham Plaza

Central on the Dillingham Plaza walls, this mural commands attention with its psychedelic colors and monumental size that dwarfs a box truck. The subject is the artists’ interpretation of a mo‘o, a Hawaiian shape-shifting water spirit, posed amid a menagerie that includes a duck-headed octopus, silver unicorn and golden plague doctor. With a wealth of details and mesmerizing hues, there’s something new to appreciate with each fresh look.



Lauren YS: laurenys.com, @squid.licker
Hiero Veiga: hieroveiga.com, @hieroveiga



Mural by Alex Solis in Hawai‘i Walls 2023

Photo: Andrea Lee



By Alex Solis at Pālama Settlement

The magic that fills a young mind comes to life in this mural, giving us a childlike sense of wonder and discovery along with a healthy dose of nostalgia for the good ol’ days. Placing the jar of stars at the top of the stairs is a brilliant detail—can’t you just imagine climbing up to open it? The piece is especially inspiring in the setting of Pālama Settlement, which offers community building programs and social services for keiki and ‘ohana.



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Da Auntehz by Shar Tui‘asoa (Punky Aloha) in Hawai‘i Walls 2023

Photo: Andrea Lee


Da Auntehz

By Shar Tui‘asoa (Punky Aloha) at Pālama Settlement

Shar Tui‘asoa’s vibrant mural overlooks the covered sitting area of the Pālama Settlement gym. “Da Auntehz” in the mural are eye-popping characters and watchful guardians at the same time, keeping an eye on the keiki who might be running around or taking a rest. We’re drawn into the cozy shade by the bold lines, bright geometrics and whimsical natural elements, including hanging stars, a rainshower and a smiling bee.



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punkyaloha.com, @punkyaloha



Ulu Pū Kākou by Welcome Stranger in Hawai‘i Walls 2023

Photo: Andrea Lee


Ulu Pū Kākou

By Welcome Stranger at Pālama Settlement

A striking piece with a resonant message, “Ulu Pū Kākou” hits home for us. Living on a small island, we’re naturally a community-oriented people, and this encapsulates the need for us all to come together to prosper. Plus, take a closer look, and you’ll see the letters are growing native ‘ōhi‘a lehua trees with a few native ‘i‘iwi birds nestled in the branches.



welcomestranger.co, @welcomestrangerco



We Built This City II by Jana Lam in Hawai‘i Walls 2023

Photos: Andrea Lee


We Built This City II

By Jana Lam at Dillingham Plaza

Artist-designer Jana Lam’s signature sunny style shines in this mural with funky pop hues and patterns. She deftly uses complementary colors to juxtapose polka-dotted mushrooms, kalo plants and a Hawaiian land snail with breeze blocks, brightening up Foodland’s facade.



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Kotoba by Kris Goto in Hawai‘i Walls 2023

Photo: Andrea Lee



By Kris Goto at Pālama Settlement

The visual poetry of “Kotoba” is gorgeous and heartening, showing the beauty you can manifest in the world through the words you speak. The angled walls add another dimension to the floating flowers, which to us represent hopes, dreams and wishes, spreading them near and far.



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krisgoto.com, @kgotoart


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Leiolani By JT Ojerio (Aloha de Mele) in Hawai‘i Walls 2023

Photo: Andrea Lee



By JT Ojerio (Aloha de Mele) at Pālama Settlement

JT Ojerio’s portraits are always so lovingly painted, and we feel that with “Leiolani,” an homage to the powerful wāhine in our lives. This was Ojerio’s first mural, but we hope to see more of her work on this scale in the future. Follow the mural’s inspiration and namesake on Instagram: @leiolani.



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Shoyu Feeesh By Boz Schurr in Hawai‘i Walls 2023

Photo: Andrea Lee


Shoyu Feeesh

By Boz Schurr at Dillingham Plaza

This mural brings a sense of comfort. You might find these little fish-shaped shoyu containers in a bento or sushi takeout. It’s the anticipation of salty goodness. It’s the endearing shape. It’s the tiny blown up to massively oversized proportions. And it’s particularly well-placed on the wall of Foodland.



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Dillingham Plaza, 1505 Dillingham Blvd.

Pālama Settlement, 810 N. Vineyard Blvd., palamasettlement.org, @palamasettlement

Find a map of the Hawai‘i Walls 2023 murals here, and follow @worldwidewalls to stay up to date with its festivals and events.