Hawai‘i Teens at Risk

From the Hawai‘i Sexual and Gender Minority Health Report 2018.

Currently sleep at a parent or guardian’s home

Transgender: 51%

Cisgender: 94%


Eat breakfast every day

Transgender: 6%

Cisgender: 38%


Attended school under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Transgender: 44%

Cisgender: 15%


Currently smoke cigarettes

Transgender: 36%

Cisgender: 6%


Bullied on school property

Transgender: 29%

Cisgender: 17%


Skipped school because unsafe

Transgender: 25%

Cisgender: 7%


Attempted suicide in past year

Transgender: 50%

Cisgender: 8%


Have an adult outside of school to talk to

Transgender: 45%

Cisgender: 73%


Plan to attend a post-high school program

Transgender: 33%

Cisgender: 71%


Cisgender refers to those whose gender identity matches their birth sex.