Montessori Community School

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Photo: Courtesy of Montessori Community School.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, Montessori Community School is proud to be providing a premier Montessori education on O‘ahu.

Montessori Community School

Marjie Carroll, Head of School

“We present a unique and proven model for developing the whole child. Montessori children ‘learn how to learn’ in a culture that cultivates curiosity and respects their inner drive toward independence in thought, emotion, creativity, expression, style and leadership,” says Head of School Marjie Carroll.

An independent school that cultivates a child’s love of learning, and the only school in Hawai‘i that is fully accredited from Preschool through 6th Grade by both the American Montessori Society and HAIS, Montessori Community School offers an inviting and engaging learning environment. The school embraces a holistic approach, where teachers certified in the Montessori Method guide each child’s learning to acquire knowledge and develop skills that will last a lifetime.

The Montessori Method – An Education for Life

Montessori Community School

Photo: Courtesy of Montessori Community School.

A child-centered educational approach, the Montessori Method is based on research into childhood development and scientific observations of Dr. Maria Montessori. It is time-tested, with over 100 years of success in diverse cultures around the world. Classrooms are created with students’ needs in mind, with specially designed learning materials that encourage open-ended exploration of concepts. Montessori Community School’s authentic Montessori program includes multiage classrooms that foster peer learning, uninterrupted work periods, and a guided choice of work activities. In every classroom, students progress at their own pace through a relevant curriculum that challenges them to think critically and to work collaboratively, developing skills for life in the 21st century. Our graduates report that they were not only well-prepared for the academic rigors of secondary school, but that they had the confidence to meet the challenges of higher education, careers and family life.

A Lifelong Journey of Friendship and Community

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“My happy memories of childhood are inextricably linked to my experience at Montessori Community School, and I could not be more grateful that this school is still carrying out its mission for my two children,” says a Montessori Community School legacy parent. Our school is a place of caring and for making connections. One father of three students shares, “I discovered that the school was not only a place for our children, but a community for our family. We have all grown through our choice to send our children to Montessori Community School.”

Montessori Community School is a thriving community, and we look forward to serving future generations of students and families.

For more information about Montessori Community School, please visit or call Cari Suzuki at 808-522-0244 to schedule a school tour.

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