Hawaii-Inspired, Hand-Letterpressed Greeting Cards From Island Penman

Find the right way to say it with these gorgeous new greeting cards by Island Penman designer Chae Ho Lee.

Dearest Sir John

Whattup Johnny Booiii!


Sometimes you just can't find the right way to say it. That's why there's skywriting and icing. Or, for something a little classier and, er, less awkward, there are gorgeous new cards by Island Penman designer Chae Ho Lee.

The card designs are inspired by English round-hand scripts and botanical prints from the 18th century, giving them an antique, classic air that says it all. Currently, he offers bright red Ohia Lehua cards with elaborate calligraphy and fine attention to detail. Look for the Pakalana (Chinese violet) card later this month, Ilima in October and Pikake in November. Lee will also release a limited edition Hawaiian fern calendar for 2015 later this month, with retail locations to be determined.

Lee, an accomplished calligrapher and associate professor in UH Manoa's art and design department, made his Aloha and Mahalo cards when he couldn't find high-quality, Hawaiian-themed stationery that really spoke to him. It wasn't long before friends got word of the intricate artistry in his unique cards and wanted a piece for themselves. Lee started selling in stores around Honolulu this spring and has even gotten some interest internationally.

No more emoticon convos for you. These elegant, nature-inspired cards speak more volumes than those smileys ever could.

Enough said.

$6.50 each. Aloha cards available at Owens & Co., 1152 Nuuanu Ave., 531-4300. Ohia Lehua cards available at Sugarcane Shop, 1137 11th Ave., 739-2263. Visit islandpenman.com for more images of Lee's work.