Hawai‘i Design Company, Show Pony, Offers Vintage Rugs With a Touch of Morocco

Morrocan rugs
photos: jenn ellenburg


Few homewares have floored us at first sight like local company Show Pony’s vintage Moroccan rugs. The beautifully saturated hues, intricate patterns and lush textures—we were instantly smitten.


Owner Gina Davidson understands. The fashion designer—she also helms the line On A Wing and A Prayer—started out simply searching for a rug for her home. When a friend from Morocco introduced her to the traditional heirloom styles, rich in craftsmanship and history, she too fell hard.


“I’m obsessed with design and textiles,” she explains. “I started to dive deeper, researching the processes and tribes. Each has its own distinct style of weaving. Some tell stories of farm life, some are marriage rugs, some have dates woven in, some tell stories about the family.”




Davidson decided that the treasures should be shared and got to work, mindfully partnering with sellers who ensured fair prices for the owners. “I wanted to bring something authentic and sell it in an authentic way.”


Her mix ranges from mats and runners to standard 4-by-7-foot rugs and occasional 10-by-12-footers. They’re in fantastic shape, considering they’ve been passed down through several generations. “Some date back to the ’60s—older ones have a really beautiful patina.” She also stocks poufs made from vintage rugs.


Eventually, Davidson says she hopes to partner with a co-op in Morocco and manufacture her own rugs, “to keep the tradition alive and perpetuate the art, and see how I can marry old and new.”


Showroom appointments available via hello@showponyshoppe.com.


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