Hawai‘i Artists Donate Proceeds From Sales to Black Lives Matter Initiatives

Buy artwork by local artists for a limited time, and 100% of proceeds will go to a nonprofit or charity that stands up for human equality and justice for all.
Drawing by Punky Aloha
Photo: Courtesy of punky Aloha


As we watch the painful news from our living rooms about the riots happening across our nation, we consider ourselves “lucky we live Hawai‘i.” Our community is built on diversity and our protests here have been peaceful. But anger and sadness over the death of unarmed black man George Floyd in Minneapolis drove some Hawaiʻi artists to find another way to take action. “When I saw the video of George Floyd, I felt ashamed to my core just standing there myself, saying nothing and doing nothing,” says local artist Christie Shinn. Shinn called her friends and fellow artists to see what they could do collaboratively to help the country, the victims’ families and affected communities heal.


“[Illustrator and painter] Kat Reeder and I gathered our artist friends into a group chat and called on them to push our collective support for each other outwards, towards a larger cause,” Shinn says. “Kat contributed the graphics; I tried my best to articulate our message. All the artists involved are donating 100% of their sales [for a limited time] to a cause that stands against racism.” 


So far, more than 15 artists joined the cause. Some will end their donations on Tuesday, June 2, others will continue it until later in the week. Even though their social media accounts may be blacked out on Tuesday, their websites have more information—and the list is expected to grow (see below). We asked the artists to tell us why they participated in this initiative, and they shared powerful messages of justice, empathy and encouragement. Find their words below as well as the nonprofits they selected.


Maggie Rice Black Lives Matter Illustration
courtesy of Maggie Rice


“Art is driven by movement and passion, and this movement for racial justice and equality for black lives drives an artist to illustrate the demand for change.” —Maggie Rice, margaretricestudio.com


Proceeds will go to NAACP and Black Visions Collective.


Christie Shinn illustration
courtesy of Christie Shinn


“Personally, I always figured it’s not my place to comment on events outside my own experience, especially on social media. But this week I listened to friends offer a deeper perspective on being silent and it made me want to use my small piece of real estate on the internet to do better.” —Christie Shinn, shinstudio.com


Proceeds will go to NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.



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“When the systems in place are failing and we witness the continual murders of our black brothers and sisters with no arrests, we must do what we can to help. If we can use our abilities and our platforms, as artists and as business owners, to educate and create awareness then we have a responsibility to do so. That is exactly what I am doing. I am listening. I am educating not only myself, but anyone who will listen, and I am donating the resources I have available to me to help the organizations that have been built to support systemic changes in America and the world. We all have a role to play, big or small. Find your role and get to work.” —Shar Tuiasoa, punkyaloha.com


Proceeds will go to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Black Visions Collective.


Kim Sielbeck Black Lives Matter Art
Photo: courtesy of Kim Sielbeck


"My artwork lives in a world I would like to exist. In this vibrantly colorful world, joy is experienced by people of all colors, shapes, sizes. This place is safe, comforting, peaceful, invites and celebrates creativity. In reality, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and thousands of others have been killed simply for the color of their skin. It’s way past the time to act. I stand with the Black community both in Hawai‘i and on the Mainland. Let’s work together to learn, listen, amplify their voices and fight for the world we want to exist.” —Kim Sielbeck, kimsielbeck.com


Proceeds will go to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.


Ashley Kaase Illustration
Photo: courtesy of Ashley Kaase


“I am, first and foremost, a mother; a badge I wear with great pride. Each day I hope to see the world brighter and better for my children, and all children of the world. We must take this time to demand justice and change. Also, as an artist, this was an opportunity to speak to so many people about the injustices we are seeing. It is not enough to merely want change, we must speak up to make it happen. I often reflect on how hatred is a learned behavior, and CAN BE UNLEARNED. I hope to see more people unlearn it and find more love in their hearts and in their behavior.” —Ashley Kaase, ashleykaase.com


Proceeds will go to the GoFund Me account to support George Floyd’s daughter and for his burial expenses.


Lauren Roth Print
courtesy of Lauren Roth


“I feel like as an artist I was given a gift, and if I can use that gift to spread love and positivity then I should, ALWAYS.” —Lauren Roth, laurenroth.com


Proceeds will go to the NAACP.


Other participating artists:

Kat Reeder: katreeder.com

Sarah Caudle: sarahcaudleart.com

Sheila Chen: sheilachenart.com

Nick Kuchar: nickkuchar.com

Janet Meinke-Lau: janetmeinkelau.com

Nicole Nakata: nicolenakata.com

Bree Poort: justbree.com

Boz Schurr: bozshcurr.com

Kate Wadsworth: katewadsworth.com

Jenna Wellein: jennawelleinart.com

Lindsay Wilkins: lindsaywilkinsart.com