Haunt Couture

Halloween is just a few days away and you still don’t have a costume—a grave situation indeed. Paint the town blood-red with one of these fun, last-minute costumes, made with supplies you can easily scare up from around the haunted house.

Lei Chic
Words With Friends
Turn your favorite way to waste time at work into a fabulous costume. Use yellow poster board to make the tiles, type and print out numbers and letters to glue on, and grab a few pals to help you out. Don’t have four friends? No problem, see our next costume.

Lei Chic
Anti-Social Media
If you've ever photo-stalked your ex, posted a passive aggressive status update, or tagged your hot friend in a photo she looked totally fat in, this costume is for you. A sandwich board plus blue construction paper and a few denied friend requets are all you need to show the world what you really think about those annoying Farmville scores.

Lei Chic
LOST Fanatic

Dazed look, shattered faith in Hollywood, rabid death grip on the remote? The end to the LOST TV series was hard on all of us. Really. But we all know at least one person who has lost major sleep over it or is still actively discussing what the Smoke Monster was really there for. A LOST T-shirt, a TV remote control and a haggard look is all you need to complete this look.

Lei Chic

Costume FAIL
So your dog ate your Lady Gaga meat dress and your Snooki look came off entirely too wholesome. Out of options? It’s time for the costume FAIL. (This costume is also excellent for the supremely lazy).


Lei Chic
Ghoogle Ghoul
This ghost of information past is the keeper of those unflattering Facebook photos that went public, that angst-filled blog from your teenage years, and every other remotely embarrassing thing you’ve done in your online life. And, it readily shares them with potential
boyfriends and bosses—talk about scary! Grab a sheet, cut some eyeholes and walk around all night giving out your personal information.