Happy Renew Year

Lei ChicSome days you were just dragon your feet. Other times you were stubborn as an ox or just monkeying around. Whatever the reason, your 2012 vows disappeared about as quickly as that leftover bottle of champagne (the promise to drink less was the first to go)

Take advantage of Chinese New Year to restart those resolutions with help from a few Lei Chic finds. Kung Hee Fat Choy!

Broken Resolution #1 – Save money.

You lapped up leftovers instead of a plate lunch ($10 saved), groomed yourself instead of running to the hairdresser ($30 saved), but then pounced on a pair of animal-print peep toes ($84.67 spent). You always find an escape claws from the dreaded budget.

Lei Chic Tame your cash flow problems with free apps that won’t let you furrget those money goals.

Mint and Pageonce eliminate the biggest flaw in most plans – the person. Instead of depending on you to log in the pile of receipts at the bottom of your bag, both apps pull information straight from credit card companies and banks to display the most current savings/debt numbers on an easy-to-read screen. Updates and due dates are sent in text messages. Mint also allows you to create individual budgets for clothes, food, or savings plans for big items such as a vacation then alerts you if you get off track. Pageonce will even keep tabs on frequent flyer miles, Lei Chicrewards programs, and for an additional $4.99 a month you can now pay bills through your phone.

After all, a tiger can’t change its stripes.

But at least now you have a plan to earn them.

Pageonce and Mint are available for Android, iPhone, and iPad. Pageonce can also be downloaded to Blackberry. Get more information or sign up on Mint and Pageonce websites.