Happy Renew Year: Down and Flirty

Lei ChicBroken Resolution #2 – Get ready faster.

  • 7:00 a.m. – Morning rush hour in the bedroom.
  • A pile-up of unwashed laundry is stopping traffic flow in the closet.
  • A stalled hair dryer is causing slowdowns in the bathroom.
  • And just as you got by those tie-ups, things come lashing to a halt. A mascara spill sends streaks down your cheek and your style skidding.

    Tear not. A new beauty treatment is racing to your rescue.

Crybaby semi-permanent mascara helps you pick up the paste with a formula that stays on for at least two weeks. The exclusive mixture of a black-tinted polymer is combined with a super adhesive, applied to your lash line, then dries to a flexible, antimicrobial coating.

The procedure takes just 30 minutes. Then with smudge proof, smear proof mascara in place feel free to speed off to your regular activities. And don’t worry about maintenance. Crybaby grows out with your natural lashes and costs just about $65 per application.

Meaning you need just one stop to regain life in the fast lane.

Crybaby is available exclusively at Beyond Bare Waxing in Ala Moana Center. Call 808. 979.9299 or go to Beyond Bare’s website to book an appointment.