Happy Flour


Peanut butter and chocolate. Micro-minis and stiletto heels. Brad and Jen (okay, maybe not). Some pairings just work together. Like dessert and drinks.

Honolulu’s Chris Yozamp is one step ahead – in-the-know entertainers call her when they want to serve up favorite cocktails in cake form. Yozamp puts the real stuff into each of her Cocktail Cupcakes, like her zingy Pina Colada, which has a rum-soaked pineapple tucked inside.

She also whips up light, dreamy pink champagne cupcakes, perfect for your next Sunday brunch with the girls. Or drown your sorrows on a Friday night by diving into a half dozen of the a rich Kahlua Fudge. If your vice is more comfort food than cocktail, there’s a cupcake for that too. Yozamp recently concocted a perfect-looking burger in cupcake form.

No indulgent flavor you can dream up is off-limits, since these tasty cakes are made to order.

So you can have your cake and drink it too.

Order Cocktail Cupcakes by phone at 808.781.1227, or email Chris Yozamp at ChrisCocktailCupcakes@gmail.com