Hang Time

Juggling your demanding job, family and social life can make your days feel like a three-ring circus. And the one ball you can’t seem to keep in the air? Your workout.

So move that boring treadmill routine to the sideshow tent and glide into an aerial acrobatics class at Samadhi Hawai‘i. You’ll learn some new moves that will sweep you off your feet, literally. The trapeze, silk and strengthening classes are based on dance styling rather than straight gymnastics, and emphasize flexibility and fluid movement.

In Tissu (silk) class, founder Andrea Torres can teach you to float through the air using basic wraps and foot locks. In the trapeze class, you can challenge yourself by hanging by your knees or flipping onto the trapeze bar during inversion exercises. And all while you’re building serious core strength and muscle definition.

No gymnastic or acrobatic training is necessary, so novices need not worry about having to wing it.

It’s that easy to get the hang of it.

Classes are held at Boca Hawai‘i, 330 Cooke Street, Honolulu. The eight-week fall semester starts Sept. 5. Visit www.samadhihawaii.com to register or email info@samadhihawaii.com.