Handmade Earrings From India at CHAI Studio

Totally romantic, intricately crafted jewelry pieces are a traveling delight from Asia

You've had India on your bucket list ever since you saw The Darjeeling Limited. Unfortunately, between childhood friends getting married on the East Coast, family reunions on the West Coast, and that totally mandatory girls-only getaway in Vegas (unavoidable, trust us), your travelogue has been pretty full.

Luckily for you, the Taj Mahal isn't going anywhere (retirement trip, anyone?). In the meantime, CHAI Studio has gone the distance for you with gorgeous new accessories straight from the subcontinent. These handmade earrings, designed by CHAI owner Amerjit Ghag's friend and member of the Jaipur royal family, Shivali Singh, are your passport to pretty.

Made exclusively for the shop by artisan families that have been practicing their craft for generations, the pieces are packed with delicate details, such as a hand-cut arabesque pattern on gold, dangling shields, or hand-formed, golden domes. Demure pearls, rich garnets and bright peridots finish off this globe-trotting look with a veil of gems on each of the chandelierlike earrings.

Think of them as your one-way ticket to glamorous—at a way more affordable price than airfare to Asia.

Can we get a "Jai Ho!"?

Prices range from $86–$204, Ward Warehouse, 1050 Ala Moana Blvd., 536-4543.