Hairy Days Are Here Again: Spa Dogs There just aren’t enough hours in the day – especially when half of them are spent sitting in traffic. Crawling down a backed-up H-1 lane behind a tourist with nowhere to go while your errand time melts away no longer makes you mad – just dog tired.

So take back some lost hours by doing one important errand right at home.

Hair of the Dog Mobile’s fully-contained mobile dog grooming spa will clean up and pamper your pooch right at your doorstep. They’ve got the same amenities found in stationary grooming shops, but owner David Nunimaker (former owner of Bark Bath & Beyond dog boutique in Laguna Beach) brings five years of grooming experience directly to you and works one-one-one with your dog for extra special love and attention.

Each service includes top-notch treatments like teeth brushing, skin conditioning, and all-natural bath products, and David never uses dangerous cage-drying methods, only hand dries. Your pup can be low-key with a bath and a brush out, kick things up a notch with a blueberry facial, or go all out with a full groom.

It all happens in about an hour, while you wait.

Plenty of time for a cat nap.

Hair of the Dog Mobile Spa , 866.SPA.DOGS,