Guava Shop opens a fresh month-long pop-up in Kakaako

Fruits of Their Labor

We love Johnny Appleseed: Everything about planting new trees and spreading fruit is delicious. But with our tropical climate, he’d have to give himself a serious makeover to set down roots: We’re thinking something like—err—Johnny Guavaseed?

Maybe he’d better just leave it to the Guava Shop from Haleiwa. It’s spreading its seeds across the land with a shiny new pop-up at Paiko. That means that townies who have been jonesing to take a bite out of sweet Guava Shop clothes, accessories and body products can get their tasty on right in Kakaako.

Guava ladies Kai and Liz started their shop in 2008, and are branching out with a new seedling space. They’ve stocked it with a bounty of overflow from the North Shore location, including all their favorite brands: Lamade, Free People, Hanky Panky, Goddess Sweaters and Issa de Mar. Look out for the items planted especially for Honolulu urbanites: a sleek Gypsy 05 silk jumpsuit and floppy Lovely Bird hats that have “night out in Chinatown” written all over them. To top off your shopping harvest? Lush Turkish towels, gorgeous candles and luxurious bath products by Maile Organics and Kai.

Be sure to check up on how this garden grows throughout the month because inventory will be rotating constantly, so there will always be something new to pick.

Now that’s what we call fresh fruit for your wardrobe.

The Guava Shop pop-up will be located at Paiko, 675 Auahi St. until June 7. Open 10:30 a.m.–6 p.m Tuesday through Friday and 11:30 a.m.–5 p.m. Saturday.