Gritty Little Things

Lei Chic Cupid? You’ve never been a fan.

The idea of depending on a small wingman with a bow and arrow to help you find love never really seemed to hit the target.

Your style is more direct – you’re never afraid to pull the trigger on risky maneuvers in romance, life, and especially fashion.

So it’s not just a shot in the dark to say we’ve found your new must-have look –bullet and porcupine quill jewelry by Panacea.

University of Hawaii Marketing and Fashion student Kaylin Laeha started creating jewelry with beads given to her by an aunt. A few years and a few jewelry-making classes in Honolulu and Italy gave her the inspiration for her raw, urban GR/T line that debuted at Art & Flea before arriving in The Butik last week. Lei Chic

You’ll make your mark with bullet shell necklaces adorned with tigers eye, agate, and other semi-precious stones. Look sharp with striking clusters of porcupine quills or multi-colored sea urchin spines dangling from your ears, or really make your point with Laeha’s signature thumb cuff – a bold leather chevron attached to a chain that loops around your finger.

Every piece is done in sterling silver, gold fill, or uses vintage chains and is priced at $70 or less.

Lei Chic So you can prove you’re anything but gun shy without blowing a huge hole in your budget.

That’s a real reason to grit and wear it.

GR/T by Panacea is available at The Butik, 1067 Kapiolani Blvd., Suite A-3 and The Butik's new online shop . You can also find Kaylin at Art & Flea every fourth Thursday at The Fresh Café, 831 Queen St.
Check out more of her collection on Panacea's Facebook page or e-mail for more information.