Grin from Beer to Beer

Lei Chic

Your ex just announced his engagement. You had to put on your skinny jeans while lying down this morning, just to get them to fit. Your boss says she needs to see you in her office. Alone.

It’s times like these when you really need to go to your happy place.

Or rather, your happy hour. Because nothing makes you happier than hanging with your besties while sipping on delicious cocktails and enjoying plates laden with tantalizing nibbles (that are also super affordable).

Boy, have we got the perfect place for you.

Sneak out of your office (your boss apparently already hates you, so it�s cool), gather your gals and head straight to Royal Hawaiian Center, where the happiest of happy hours happens every single night.

Lei Chic

Start at Five Star International Buffet where lead bartender Mikey Lopez, who hails from Las Vegas, a.k.a. the ultimate “happy hour,” mixes up super fresh fruit-based cocktails. You’ll be downright giddy sipping on a Raspberry Sunset, with smooth Grey Goose Vodka, hand-muddled raspberries, island-grown pineapple and fresh lime juice.

Then head over to Okonomiyaki Chibo Restaurant to enjoy $3 select beers and $5 wines. Eventually, you’ll end up at the perpetually fabulous Doraku Sushi, munching on garlic teri seared edamame and $6 tuna tataki and geisha rolls.

Each happy hour at Royal Hawaiian Center lasts for two to four hours and starts at various times throughout the evening, so you can easily make happy hour last all night long.

Forget Disneyland. Tonight (and every other night, really), Royal Hawaiian Center is your happiest place on Earth.

Royal Hawaiian Center is located at 2201 Kalakaua Ave. in Waikiki. Click here for a complete list of Royal Hawaiian Center restaurants.