Green Move-ment

It’s not quite New Year’s, but you’re already working on a 2008 green resolution. Plastic grocery bags have been replaced by reusable ones, gifts are wrapped in magazine paper, and that gas-guzzling SUV? Now it’s a hybrid, baby.

You thought you were ahead until you found out you had to move.

But just one phone call and soon full-service, licensed and insured Malama Moving Company arrives to pack up your “keeps” in free recycled boxes, and whisks them away in a biodiesel-powered truck.

They deliver your “donate” pile to Honolulu’s The Green House, where your unwanted items find renewed life in sustainable living classes—such as teaching adults and children how to make new fashions out of old clothes (think Mu`umu`u Heaven meets The Candy Shop).

After you’re settled, Malama movers retrieve the boxes and donate the cost of planting one tree to help Big Island reforestation efforts. (

In a green flash you’ve moved across island without using “virgin” materials, added nothing to the landfill, saved money, and done your part to benefit the Earth. And next time you need furniture or appliances delivered, or have a quantity of donate-able items, you know who to call.

Keeping your resolutions has never been so easy.

Online at  or call 808.861.0662.