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Lei ChicBreaking News: Oil Spill in the Pacific

A sudden spike in Island temperatures combined with increased humidity and overworked glands have caused a massive oil spill in the upper and mid-regions ofyour face.

Worst hit so far are the forehead, nose and chin T-zone and the vast surface areas of your cheeks.

If not removed immediately, the excess oil could lead to clogged pores, breakouts and the extinction of your social life.

Failed attempts to cap the flow have included harsh toners, cakey primers, and complexion-dulling powders that left you looking more dusty grandma than glowing.

The final hope for fixing the cosmetic catastrophe? TATCHA Aburogatorigami blotting sheets—a 300-year-old beauty secret of Imperial Japanese geishas. The revered beauties discovered that the slips of paper used by gold craftsmen to protect the precious metals they hammered were ideal for prepping skin for makeup and keeping it flawless throughout the day.

Each whisper-thin sheet is handmade from the finest grade of abaca leaf, prized for its incredible softness and absorbency—perfect for removing excess oil and sweat from delicate skin without disturbing makeup or overdrying.

Along with real gold flakes, the sheets cotnatin structural lattice lines that increase strength and durability, which means they won't break apart like the wimpier, cheapo versions. And at a generous four-by-four inches, the fragrance and powder-free squares are large enough to sop up the entire slick.

Now that's a cleanup effort you're willing to face.

TATCHA Aburogatorigami blotting papers, $12 for a 30-sheet pack. Available at the Super Citizen boutique, 22 S. Pauahi St., Chinatown, 808.599.4333.