Gourd to the Last Drop


The only thing better than pumpkin pie? A spiked version. Now, you can have your pie and drink it, too.

We asked bartender extraordinaire Christian Self from thirtyninehotel to create a pumpkin-inspired cocktail to get in the Halloween spirit. Sip it exclusively at thirtyninehotel this weekend only, or use this recipe to DIY at home. It’s easy as pie.

Pumpkin Patch cocktail


¾ oz Vanilla Vodka

¾ oz Sailor Jerry spiced rum (or another brand of spiced rum)

½ oz carrot juice

2 tbsp. canned pumpkin

½ oz heavy cream

Cream cheese frosting
Graham cracker crumbs
Grated nutmeg


Roll a martini glass rim in cream cheese frosting, and then in graham cracker crumbs.
 Add all other ingredients to a mixing glass, and shake with ice.
 Strain the drink into the glass.
 Finish with some fresh grated nutmeg on top.

The Pumpkin Patch cocktail will be served this weekend only at thirtyninehotel, 39 Hotel Street, Chinatown.