Got A Clutch On You

Lei ChicYou’ve been a bad, bad girl. Even with a closetful of purses that are supposed to satisfy your every need, you come across a new, handsome handbag and fall in love. And so you buy it without even stopping to consider the price you’ll have to pay.

It’s time you let go of the guilt and embrace your purse purchase problem with a new line of adorable, knot-accented clutches. Lan Nguyen’s three-dimensional designs are modern and romantic, turned out in range of fabric textures and colors.
A former Hawai'i resident, Nguyen calls California home now, but her designs get a heavy dose of inspiration from the islands’ natural florals, as well  as by the textiles she finds—cotton, linen, even burlap.

And she’ll enable your purse polygamy. With an average price of $25, you can afford to keep buying every time you fall in love with one of her pieces, which is bound to happen.

This is as exclusive a relationship as you can get with a designer; her work is so super-new that her website hasn’t even launched yet—designs are available only by browsing her Facebook site and messaging your order.

So you can flirt with all her styles and never feel knotty for buying more than one.


Lan Nguyen’s designs are available for purchase on her Facebook site.