Good Reads: 7 New Books to Add to Your Keiki’s Bookshelf This Summer 2019

Kid-recommended books for your keiki.
Finn, 4 
Hangry by Drew Brockington

Photos: Aaron K. Yoshino

“This book is about a dinosaur that gets bigger and bigger and bigger because he is ‘hangry.’ I like Hangry because it’s funny, and I like the part when the dinosaur burps after eating all the food, because he burps sooo loud!”

4 to 6 years, $17.99, Little Brown Books 

Talia, 7
Bach To The Rescue!!! by Tom Angleberger

“This book was funny and is about music. I love music and want to be a singer, actress and write my own music. My favorite part is when Bach finally composes a lullaby for a rich old man who always wakes up the whole town when he yells at [another composer named] Goldberg. The rich man becomes happy, and everyone in the town can sleep. This book teaches us that if we keep trying, we will solve the problem.” 

4 to 8 years, $17.99, Abrams Books for Young Readers 

Ryan, 11
Shipwreckers! The Curse of the Cursed Temple of Curses or We Nearly Died. A Lot. by Scott Peterson and Joshua Pruett

“Two kids and their parents go on a boat trip down the Amazon River. When the parents depart, the captain takes the kids on an adventure. A funny part is when the captain accepts a challenge to eat the hottest taco at a restaurant, for a free T-shirt. He’s a flaming mess with watery eyes and a burning mouth. He wipes tears from his eyes with hot sauce on his hands! This is my favorite part because it shows how reckless the captain is on this journey.”   

8 to 12 years, $16.99, Disney Hyperion Books 

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Free Reads

Here are summer-themed books at the Hawai‘i State Public Library, Some titles may be available in e-formats. Mahalo to Helena Ying, juvenile/young adult librarian, for her recommendations!


The Little Red Fort by Brenda Maier

A multicultural spin on The Little Red Hen, a girl engineer named Ruby builds a fort, but her three brothers refuse to help. After the impressive fort is completed, they change their minds and offer to add the finishing touches.   


Sun by Sam Usher 

On one of the hottest days of the year, a boy and his granddad go for a picnic. Granddad keeps stopping to rest, so pirates beat them to the picnic spot. Luckily, they have enough food to share. 


Yours Sincerely, Giraffe by Megumi Iwasa  

Giraffe is bored. When he writes and sends a letter as far away as possible, it gets to a new penpal named Penguin. They send letters back and forth, wondering what the other looks like. This playful book was first published in Japanese.   


The Get Rich Quick Club by Dan Gutman 

Summer vacation in their small Maine town becomes an adventure when 12-year-old Gina and four pals make a pact to become millionaires before school starts in September. This quirky, funny book teaches keiki about the basics of business.